Buying the Whole Cow

Only crazy people buy a whole cow at one time. The people who raise a pig and then slaughter it, resulting in 231 pounds of

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Overnight Cookie Dough Oats

I might be slightly obsessed with oatmeal. Okay, so maybe “slightly” isn’t the right word. TOTALLY obsessed with oatmeal is more like it. I have

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Berry Crumble for Two

I keep frozen berries in the freezer (duh) all the time. Why? Well, because one never knows when a berry craving might attack. It could

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Homemade Instant Oatmeal

We eat a LOT of oatmeal around here…mainly because we like it and it’s a good, whole-grain source for fuel in the morning. And it’s

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Pancake Parfaits

I have this thing for parfaits. I don’t think I had a thing for parfaits before I saw the movie Shrek – but after that,

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Fish on a Budget

There are SO many health benefits to making salmon and other fish a part of your diet. However, there are NOT many benefits to your

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